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#38: Bressay

I would guess that most parkrun tourism happens either by accident, or by a combination of restlessness and an interest in exploring your wider circumstances. The former is usually when you’re going on holiday, to a family gathering, a wedding etc. Is there a parkrun? The second is probably where I started. Living in London … Continue reading #38: Bressay

#37: Crichton

On a few of our recent road trips me and wifey had gotten a little frustrated with the many radio blackspots littered across this fine country.  These are usually the more beautiful parts of said country, and thus probably don’t require the questionable musical landscape of Fife’s Kingdom FM. We usually find ourselves scrabbling around … Continue reading #37: Crichton

#36: Lochore

A lot of people seem to get hugely upset as their language of choice changes. Words get invented, altered, or used differently as new generations seek to put their own stamp on their world. The word meaning ‘cool’ changes almost every week. Though this may be unsettling for some, isn’t it wonderful that no one … Continue reading #36: Lochore

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