Yeah, that’s me there. Brand new parkrun 50 t-shirt on, and a tired look of resignation about me after a fairly full on week. parkrun is a funny thing, I never really know what sort of run I’m going to get until somewhere round the first lap. Very few go past without me inwardly remarking ‘oh, 5k is actually quite a long way isn’t it?’ – but I can’t remember any where I’ve regretted turning up

I started running back in 2011/12. Not at all enthusiastically at first. Reticent probably more correct, but for reasons unknown I carried on. Maybe to spite myself for remarking how boring it was to see the world go by so slowly when cycling was a thing. In 2012 I did my first 10k having signed up because my wife was doing the Loch Ness marathon, and I would otherwise have nothing to occupy myself with in Inverness. It was around this time as well that I did the Crystal Palace Triathlon, and that for me was the turning point. Possibly as much to do with hating the swim, and having a dreadful cycle – I found myself hugely enjoying the run

So, here I am some years later now a proper ‘runner’, doing my best not to plaster my Facebook timeline with smug running posts. We’ve got Strava for that after all