#21: Linwood

In a blog post about #12: Springburn I made comment that I was somewhat navigationally challenged, and though I'd thought about Linwood, I'd eventually ducked out since I'd not had time to really research the route from the train station and it looked to be more complicated than a straight line from A to B. Though in … Continue reading #21: Linwood

#20: Ganavan Sands

20? Twenty? Really? Already?! Blimey. Hello lovely people, and thanks to those of you who haven't gotten bored / annoyed with my barely intelligible ramblings thus far. For those of you that have and are just stubbornly sticking it out to find out how this sorry tale will end, well done. As in keeping with … Continue reading #20: Ganavan Sands

#18: Aviemore

Though I write a blog every week, I would never dream of calling myself a writer. When I'm not trekking around Scotland in search of the next course, I have one of those boring sounding jobs, the mere mention of which will kill a conversation stone dead. My wife used to find it odd that I rarely know … Continue reading #18: Aviemore

#15: St. Andrews

This weekend marks the first anniversary of moving into our flat in Edinburgh. A few weeks after we first got here, I went to see the Edinburgh marathon since the route goes quite near to our flat, and I really love hurling 'encouragement' at strangers. Of the many highlights that morning, we saw a runner … Continue reading #15: St. Andrews