#33: Plean

Walking down the street the other day, I saw a poster for an Adele tribute show. Now, usually when you have a tribute act, you get a nice pun on the name of the original artist. I personally quite enjoy the ingenuity of the word play here, and was quite amused to see that Ted … Continue reading #33: Plean


#32: Troon

Ever notice how children have all the best clothes? If anyone out there reading this works for the design department at a sportswear brand, I would love a pair of running shorts with, say, dinosaurs on. How about some running socks with space rockets on? Since completing the 31 Scottish parkruns that were available in … Continue reading #32: Troon

Photo by Andy McKay, Edinburgh Running Photos. @andymckayphotos https://www.facebook.com/andymckayphoto/

#31: Portobello

Thanks to Andy McKay for the above photo, you can check out his brilliant pictures at https://www.facebook.com/andymckayphoto/ The first draft of this blog was basically 'OMG I've had the best day ever' about 20 times. It’s amazing what you can do, if you decide you want to. For those wanting an update on my illicit toast … Continue reading #31: Portobello

#30: Alness

Alness? Where on earth is that then? I checked round with my work colleagues and got mainly blank expressions except from the one who grew up in Inverness. Given that my team mates come from Germany, Ireland and Bonnyrigg though, and I grew up in the West Midlands, this puzzlement probably wasn't representative. My wife … Continue reading #30: Alness