The plan (or rather, the lack of one)

So, I think my back is feeling alright again, in so much as it ever does. I’m seeing the physio again in a day or so, no doubt he’ll give me some hellish ‘exercises’ which I’m currently actually looking forward to

The challenge is now closing in with 2017 now only days away. I guess I should try and think of some sort of strategy of approach to cover off the 26 Scottish parkruns in the year

Without bonus Parkruns (like Christmas Day), I will have 52 opportunities to run 26 parkruns. That means one a fortnight. That sounds a bit easy, maybe I should stop calling this a challenge. I live in Edinburgh these days, and from there I can get to quite a number in an hour or just over – so, the Fife ones like Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline are doable in a day. Going west, I have a few on the way to Glasgow, and 6 in and around Glasgow. All of these I can do on the spur of the moment, with minimal planning

The ones that will require a bit more thought are those that I will probably need to travel to the day before, like Inverness, Greenock, and the three near Aberdeen. I also wonder if some parkrun courses might be better at certain times of year, for those hoping to go once and have the best possible experience. The North might be bitterly cold in the winter, but the west might be less midgey. I’ve run St. Andrews course before and I know that one gets pretty muddy in sections – so warmer days might be best

At present, I think I will be attempting to do one far flung adventure a month, and make a weekend of it. I am assuming, at least in low season that booking a B&B will be fairly easy at the last minute – and deliberately choosing to do it that way, so that I can make a decision of where based on the weather reports (I have absolutely no qualms in admitting that I am pretty soft)

I like the idea of starting and finishing at my home parkrun, Portobello. I’m signed up to run the Promathon on New Year’s day, but it starts at 10.30… maybe I can do both?! Will go for a tester run in a few days then see…


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