Why 5k?

I have nothing against marathons, or people who do them. Honestly. I did one once. It was an incredible experience too, I can honestly say that the feeling I had when I crossed that line was unlike anything else. It will stay with me forever. BUT… there are other distances…

and the thing is that people come in all shapes and sizes, and runners may often be better suited to different disciplines. whilst training for the marathon, I had two coaches both say to me independently of each other ‘have you considered short events? you run like a sprinter’

Part of what annoys me about the near mythical status that we hold the marathon in, is that I fell for it as well. The thing when you’re starting out running, that you get a 5k under your belt, and you think ‘great – done that!’ next – 10k! It’s a bit like Mario, where you go through the levels quickly, and don’t bother with all the additional missions, like collecting those annoying purple coins. We talk in terms of ‘just a 5k’ or, ‘only a half’ and so on, as if by choosing these we are admitting that we are not on the same level as those who run marathons

Proof of this, were it needed is me right now feeling I have to actually justify the fact that I just want to run 5k… so being the contrary sort, that’s exactly what I’m going to do… and it’s not going to be easy. Were I to set a goal at a spring marathon, I know that I could find a training plan, put the hours and miles in and I would get it done. However, were I to say instead that I was aiming to take 90s off my 5k PB, in a similar time frame. I would need to put in as many sessions per week, but focussed on speed work and intervals. At the end, I would almost certainly improve my time, but whether I would reach the target is much less certain

My current fastest time is 20.35, though I’m still having a great deal of difficulty in believing this time given my normal parkrun times are 21.40 ish. The goal at the moment, apart from seeing a lot of Scottish parks, is to take that down to the 19 minute mark. *gulp*


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